Kat Marks, Personal Trainer and running coach

Strength Training and Run Coaching

Here at Base 2 Summit I Specialise in Personal Training for Strength Endurance and Run Coaching.

Train in the studio 1 on 1, as a small group or with a personalised online program. Your next adventure or race results will be what you set out to achieve!

About Kat

Kat is a certified personal trainer, ASCA Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach and UESCA Ultra Running Coach. Kat has been working with clients for 15 years assisting them to transform their health, strength, mobility and endurance.

Kat is very passionate in coaching her clients to perform and achieve their individual best whether it be Rehab post op, Strength for Life or an Ultra Endurance event. Each person has a journey to travel, and with personalised programming, communication and feedback, results are ineviable.

When our body is strong, we move better and perform our best
~ Kat Marks

Strength & Conditioning

Face to Face training in the studio, programmed specifically for you. Sports specific & conditional functional training and injury rehab.

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Running Programs

For a personalised running program from beginner to ultra marathon.

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A few little holes popping up in my socks in the big toe worn from downhills and toenails.  They  still have plenty of wear, and I didn't want to stitch them, leave a chunky pile of thread, and get blisters.... This Goretex tape from @tenacioustapess, which I got to fix a rip in my DWR coated puffer jacket, was the perfect solution! It just sticks on with a super sticky adhesive,  fully washable.
Make life easy for yourself AND  save fabric waste.
Do you love chasing Waterfalls?  Or do you wish you could?!If you're not doing any structured strength training with your running program, you might just be missing out on chasing that waterfall you've always wanted to find.
Specific blocks of training within your structured running program help with different aspects as well as just building muscle.
A strength block increases bone density, resulting in a lower risk of stress fractures. Lifting strengthens your ligaments and joints, so under high stress and demands, you can increase your time to fatigue. Your tendons become thicker and more robust, adding power & preventing tears.
No, you don't need to lift like a body builder.. but we need to cycle our strength training in harmony with our running to gain the most benefits possible.
If you know this is something you need.. reply ME! And I'll message you with how to get started.
Adventure Entertainment has given me 2 FREE tickets to the Adelaide screening on August 15th to Give Away!!
You don't need to run for it,  fight for it, or pay for it.
What you do need to do is tell me the most embarrassing moment in a trail event you've had.. and tag your mate who will go with you on the night.
There will also be 2 more prizes from me for Strength training @Base2Summitcoaching .. so don't miss out!!!